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A focal point for mining and commodities professionals in Southeast Asia.


The Singapore Mining Club was formed in early 2014 by mining industry professionals who recognised the benefit that could be provided by an active industry association to support further development of Singapore’s growing mining industry.


The Club’s ultimate purpose is to promote the development of Singapore as the pre-eminent regional hub for the management and financing of mining enterprises.

Events in 2016

As a first step, simply creating a forum for regular networking and relationship-building will foster additional commercial growth by making it easier to identify and communicate opportunities.

Total attendees in 2016

The number and variety of our attendees ensures that all our events provide a rewarding networking experience.

julalldayjulalldayFeaturedSingapore International Ferrous Week 2021 - Geoff McNamara

julalldayjulalldayFeaturedSingapore International Ferrous Week 2021 - Dale Cook


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We are passionate about helping our members and their organisations. That’s the Club’s primary goal.

To support our members’ activities, the Club provides hands-on, peer-to-peer introductions, targeted networking events, thought-provoking commentary and an unmatched Rolodex of contacts across Asia and globally. Facilitating meaningful partnerships and networking among our Members is at the heart of the Club’s mission. And we like to do it well!


All companies – large and small, and across a wide range of industries – need to focus on the business dynamics of mining; the pioneers, partnerships, capital, transactions, joint ventures and capex that determine the future direction of the industry. Our aim is to help them address such challenges.

The Club is able to connect the mining and commodities ecosystem regionally and globally.


Events, and more events! We find it is the most effective way to break the ice and facilitate meaningful introductions and discussion. And so we host networking events and we connect people. We also believe in the need for constant learning.

Whether you’re new to the region, have worked here all your life, or pass through from time to time. Whether you want to meet miners, fund managers, or ministers. The Singapore Mining Club is right for you.


The Club is run by an experienced board of directors.

Look no further. Get started today.

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